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Monday, February 04, 2008

Koala Balls

I so want this to end in a bloody peeler massacre. That would lift my spirits. Several pools of blood to add color to a gray day. Maybe it's hormonal but the last panel fills me with rage. The undrawn 6th panel contains the words: try pulling your head out of your very large ass and looking in the fucking drawer where we keep the utensils, you small dicked destroyer of the English language!

Mary Worthless Mary Worth: Day 22. The meeting set up took 3 days and this conversation has been happening over the course of 19 days. 19 days! I would walk into a wall or stare catatonically at window framing like the background people in panel two if I had to endure this conversation for 19 days. I did endure this conversation for 19 days but unlike the background people I can leave. And the walls in my world usually stay put.

A Plugger of indeterminate gender. I can get two cups from one bag.

For someone who was heavily recruited in high school and given a full basketball scholarship at Havens University, Dave sure is a lousy basketball player. I wonder if that causes a bit of resentment among the members of the student body who are more well rounded basketball players and were not given scholarships or a spot on the team? I like Bill Holbrook's comics but there is no way that a player with all of Dave's liabilities (several have been pointed out in the course of the comic) could ever make it on to a collegiate basketball team much less receive any kind of scholarship support in the real world.

Secret Asian Man is a fairly new comic that I've been reading for a few months. I like the art but the writing leaves me a bit lukewarm. The central theme so far is, being Asian in America is tough. I'm not denying that Asian people face difficulties but this guy has shot the horse, beaten the dead horse, resurrected the horse with arcane magic and is beating it to death again. The above comic is a rare departure from the being Asian in America is tough theme. What I found amusing is that a such a wonderful store would carry a product called Koala Balls. What locale produces Koala Balls? How does one ship Koala Balls without using a lot of energy? What are the opinions of the now ball-less Koalas regarding the business practices of Organicopia? Did these balls come from free-range Koalas or factory farmed Koalas?

Yes, I have the sense of humor of a 10 year old child.

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