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Monday, February 25, 2008

Suit Slapping: Guest starring William Windom

I love gags that play with homonyms. They seem so obvious when someone does draw it but yet no one else thought of it. Making the PHB take off his suit so that Bob the Dinosaur can slap him with it is a bit funnier than Bob bringing a different suit to slap. It would have worked a bit better visually if the suit was on a hanger. Maybe Bob could have held up a hanger in the second panel. The PHB is really being slapped with pants and a tie in the third panel. Everyone has their artistic limits.

Playing the role of Dr. Jeff Cory: William Windom Most well known to Trek fans as Commodore Matthew Decker from Doomsday Machine. I was able to recall the name of the actor but I still checked My confidence in my Trek trivia abilities is slipping.

Mary, you have no business talking about Drew's self absorption (I'm not quite sure if I have the right word - Drew Cory, the quicker picker upper). Something about removing a plank from your own eye before removing a speck from someone else's eye. Not that you actually read the Bible. The only way you hear of any sort of philosophy or moral teaching is third hand and manage to mangle it into some sickening platitude.

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