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Friday, February 22, 2008

Drunken lemurs write better

In a CIA secret prison, an operative, while under the supervision of a doctor, reads Mary Worth's dialogue to an unlawful enemy combatant repeatedly. The doctor insures that the interrogator does not go to far.

Mary's expression in panel two indicates that she does not believe her own platitude. Mary would not know inner growth even if it burst forth from her chest like an alien and announced itself by screaming, "I'm inner growth, bitch!", then defecated in the gaping hole in her chest and ran away to the Junction Cafe to enjoy a giant golden floating donut.

Jeff realizes that he cannot kill Mary so resigns himself to drinking himself to death. He will never go back to the work that nourishes his soul. Mary won't allow it. Mary does not allow anyone in her world to do real good, she just allows going through the motions.

Jeff wonders if the illness he got in Vietnam killed him and he is in hell or at least in purgatory.

English teachers, challenge your students to diagram this sentence:

Drew, I heard that soul mates are not always two people who live happily ever after but instead, they are those who can lead each other to the necessary lessons for the greatest inner growth!

Last night, watched Spirit of the Marathon. Check it out if it comes to a theater or NetFlix. A very inspiring movie. A good movie to watch before the Armadillo Dash.


Ms. Theologian said...

I'm pretty sure the best part of today's strip is her suit.

Robin Edgar said...

"Mary does not allow anyone in her world to do real good, she just allows going through the motions."

I dare say that you make Mary Worthless sound like the very model of a modern Unitarian. . .

At least most of the ones that I know. ;-)

Speaking of going through the motions and not doing any real good, what do U*Us make of this particular "motion" of Canadian Unitarian "professional ministers"?