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Thursday, January 24, 2008

12 Hair Dryers!

Forget about a fuse or the electric bill, shouldn't you be more concerned that a household with 5 people has 12 hair dryers? I consider a hair dryer one of the more annoying sounds on earth. I know too many people whose voices remind me of a hair dryer. None of these people are the quiet type. A just God would silence these people.

Dolly, you suck. That felt good. On rare occasions I start a drawing of a person with the feet but I can plan a bit better. Dolly, you suck. That still feels good. Try it, next time you're feeling down, unless your name is Dolly then pick a different Family Circus kid.

The readers are clamoring for Vera to dump Dr. Drew or at least drop a bombshell such as pregnancy or coming out. All the dialogue written so far appears to lead to it but remember who writes this comic. Karen Moy has done this before - dangle the prospect of something interesting then not deliver the goods. Note: those donuts or bagels are gentle caressing huge!

Walt had time to get dressed but Jeremy's mom did not? What the gentle caress?

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