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Sunday, January 27, 2008

3M Half Marathon results and pictures

Bib Number: 1654
Age: 38
Overall Rank: 49 (out of 73)
Age Group: F 0-99 (Filly, All Ages) Filly, sometimes the term Athena is used, is a division for heavier runners (150+ pounds). The male equivalent is called Clydesdale (200+ pounds).
Rank - First Leg: 49
Time - First Leg (6.7 miles): 1:15:25.20
Pace - First Leg: 11:47/Mile
Rank - Second Leg: 46
Time - Second Leg (6.4 miles): 1:24:48.50
Pace - Second Leg: 12:39/Mile
Chip Time: 2:40:13.70
Gun Time: 2:43:15.00
Difference: 03:01.30 - This is the time difference between when the gun went off and when I crossed the starting line. The chip starts when I cross and that is the time that counts.

I'm pleased with my time considering that I did not train specifically for a half marathon but kept up my conditioning from training for San Antonio. The furthest I ran since San Antonio was a little over 3.1 miles. This race was 13.1. I did it and felt good afterwards. I even danced a little in the park after the finish.

Below are some picture my husband took and I took. The order is a bit random because of the way Blogger uploads photos and I cannot drag them.
Walter was able to take a shortcut and walk to just past mile 2 on the course. I am in this shot near the 5th traffic barrel from the foreground. I'm wearing a red shirt and black shorts.
Stepping off the bus that took the runners back to the starting area. This was a point to point race, mostly downhill. Pflugerville ISD provided the buses. Our bus had assigned seating for the children that normally ride these buses. I hope that the seats got wiped down, otherwise, there will be some smelly children coming off those buses Monday morning. A couple thousand sweaty people are bound to leave something behind.
Walter was across the street in the sun. He took a bunch more pictures and he will post them to his Flickr account. Take a look at the variety of shapes, sizes and ages that participated in this event - it might inspire you to take on a half marathon.
My medal
Start of the race
Just after mile 2.
This race occurred in Austin, Texas
Hi honey! I was pleasantly surprised to see Walter. He walked about a mile to get to that point in the course.
Taking advantage of the downhill.
This is why I do it! Since 3M puts on the half marathon, the goody bag is filled with lots of 3M products.
The contents of the goody bag laid out a bit more neatly. It was about $55 worth. Several varieties of post-it notes, two boxes of adhesive bandages, several rolls of Scotch tape, some things for attaching pictures to fabric walls, and some wipes.
Going to the start line. It was about 46 degrees.
Stretching before the start. Gave Walter the hoodie.
The wheelchair racers lining up. The woman in the pink chair passed me after mile 10. The wheelchairs start 5 minutes before the runners. I speculate that the woman in the pink chair had to change a tire or had some other mechanical difficulty that slowed her down but I don't remember running past her.
This was taken with my cell phone. My view of the starting line. Over 5,200 runners participated.
A shot I took of the state capitol building while waiting in line for a bus. I'm obligated as a Texan to mention that this is the biggest capitol building dome in the United States. Bigger than the one in Washington D.C.
A shot of the finish line.

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Shan said...

GREAT FOR YOU! I happened upon your blog when I was looking up 3M half results. I also ran the race today and had a fantastic time. Way to go!!! Run Strong!