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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lunch - oh boy!

A waitress comes to your table and takes your order. Then she goes to the kitchen and gives the order to the cook. The cook prepares the meal. The waitress brings it to the table. Why this process has Dr. Drew excited is known only to him.

What is the population of Santa Royale? I've eaten in restaurants and walked in some large cities and have not encountered as many people that walk around in Santa Royale.

Some folks who believe that the world does not have a human population problem claim that the entire human population of the planet can fit in the state of Texas. Mathematically, that is true but then Texas would look like a Mary Worth comic except with brown people as part of the mix. I think I just described hell.

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ms. kitty said...

It cracks me up to read your scathing remarks about cartoons! One of the funniest things in my mind is that Mary Worth has been around since I was a small child (and I am now 65) and she has hardly changed a bit. She's still old, wearing the same basic outfits, and her hair hasn't changed either. I don't get a paper with her in it any more, so I enjoy catching it on your blog, especially with the snide commentary you provide!