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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mary Worth-lessness: Day 15

I have to agree, pulling a stuffed rabbit out of a hat is more impressive. Talking is a pretty cool non-doggie trick, too. If Loki talked he would spend a lot of time in a corner for lying. If Walter comes home before I do, he usually feeds the dog. Then, I come home and the dog is excited and I ask if the dog has been fed. Walter will say yes but Loki will stand at the door leading to the garage and try to work the handle. The food is kept in the garage.

Last night, Loki faced a dilemma - eat or greet. Walter put food in the bowl and then let Loki in. Loki saw the food and was about to eat but then he saw me and he paced back and forth between his bowl and me. Loki rubbed is head against my leg then went to his food bowl to eat. I barely won the eat or greet contest.

Why would Garfield worry about pigeons? Is he outdoors? Some indication of the setting would help.
Vera's purse matches the decor. Who knew one could purchase a purse to match 1940's government office. Is Santa Royale built on fast moving tectonic plates? That might explain the shifting backgrounds. Maybe Joe Giella just doesn't care. Day 15 of the Mary Worth-less Mary Worth comics.
I think the Prime Minister you're referring to is Neville Chamberlain.

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