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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Disappearing Bags - the non-brown paper variety

Where did Vera's bags go? The ones that she had yesterday which prevented her from holding her phone in a non-awkward way.

You're not a plugger if you call someone to tell them you're sending them an e-mail, you're very annoying. This level of annoying required a new Plugger species. I wonder if the dog Pluggers get along with the cat Pluggers? Or is cat and dog Plugger segregation the last frontier of prejudice to overcome in Plugger society?
Another entry for the New Yorker redraw Eustace Tilley contest. I created both entries using CorelDraw and a mouse. Eustace drinks a latte and thinks he's dressing ironically.

Judging from the typing scores appearing in the UU blogosphere, I'm the slowest typist in UUdom. Setting the bar low and making everyone else look good - one of many ways I serve my fellow humans.


Anonymous said...

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Does the movie "Knocked Up" come to mind with this phone call out of the blue?

Toonhead said...

I'm not Drew and Vera got that far but in Mary Worth all the interesting things happen off panel.