Drivel that cannot fit in a single panel comic.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Holy Bat! Batman!

Today's single panel theme - percussive therapy with blunt wooden objects:

This really blurs the canine/ human line. For some humans balding is usually just part of the aging process (exceptions for chemo and poisoning) but for a dog balding is the sign of a fairly serious skin condition. The Pluggers disturbs me when it blurs the anthromorphization lines.

Yes, I can. I shall speak of the pompatus of love. Bizarro drew a panel using the same theme a month or so back. This artist decided to play a variation. Now, a different single panel cartoonist needs to work "pompatus of love" into their version of a gag based on Steve Miller's "The Joker"
Check out this blog post on Judge a Book by Its Cover about the wonders of the Internet and my "You've Been Warned" cartooning project. The individual panels will appear daily on my main cartoon site (A Perfect World) starting next Tuesday but if you're the impatient sort you can find them on my Flickr photostream in the You've Been Warned set


Steph said...

Maughta sent me an email with a link to your new one panel cartoons. I love them! My favorite is "And I think that burning smell is back too." I'm happy you've gotten some enjoyment from my silly day at work.

Toonhead said...

This has been a fun creative challenge. I think the individual panels are becoming a somewhat coherent story but very different from what Patterson wrote.