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Friday, January 11, 2008

Agriculture is Life!

The Texas A&M shout out continues.
Karen Moy actually receives money for writing this? I suppose intentionally writing boring stories is a special talent.

The place where I work will release to the public its new identity. I've already seen the new logos and usage guidelines. Seems to me a waste of money but since we hardly make things in the U.S., a large number of people need something to do and I guess developing a brand identity is better than wanton violence. My problem is that the higher ups expect everyone to take this whole thing so seriously. I really can't but I might go to one of the Brand Master training sessions so I can add "Brand Master" to my credentials and maybe learn to lift objects with my mind.

Here are the results of all the effort:

I think, Agriculture is Life, Motherf*ck*r!, would make a better slogan. The colors are Aggie Maroon and Pantone Cool Gray 10. I think the arc is unnecessary.

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