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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Visited the Doctor

This crap has lasted more than 48 hours so I visited the doctor. He gave me a prescription that should put me on the road to recovery by the weekend. I decided to just take the rest of the week off. Go back to work Monday, fresh, well and hopefully virus-free.

I can understand how one can get rather large after a lengthy illness. The less I do the less I want to do and then I do less. It's taking a bit of mental effort to will myself to do more than sleep, read and watch TV. I don't have much of an appetite but I am drinking plenty of liquids. Trips to the bathroom and letting Loki in and out is forcing me to move around a bit.

I'm taking care of myself and I refuse to feel guilty about things not getting done. Guilt only diverts energy from healing. Especially, guilt over something as mundane as undone laundry, dirty dishes and other household chores. I've never suffered from that kind of thinking but I did have to reassure myself on Wednesday that it was okay to keep sleeping if my eyes refused to stay open. My body needed the rest and did not care that it was the afternoon.

I do want to get back to myself because the laundry needs to be done, the dishes washed and I can only watch so many episodes of Law and Order. I don't want the visages of Fred Thompson and Jerry Orbach and that donk-donk sound haunting my dreams.


Ms. Theologian said...

I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like you're on the path to recovery...

TeacherPatti said...

I swear, during some vacations all I do is watch L&O reruns. And yes, the DUH-DUHN noise does come to me in the night.

Feel better soon!