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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mary Worth approaches relevance

Mary Worthless Mary Worth - Day 16
Hoo boy! Someone needs to read Surviving the Workday, pronto! The archives have articles addressing this situation except done at a brisker pace and without strange background changes and people.

Drew groans because someone (Vera or Ryan) has crossed a line that he will not cross. He knows that path leads to more than mere heartache.

I'm trying to assume that Vera went from Clerk-Typist to a director position by her own merits and skills. I really don't want to think that Vera gained her position through other means but she did not acquire marketable skills until Von threw her out and cut off her portion of the inheritance and going from a job that no longer exists in the real world to director of marketing (or something like that - I don't feel like researching it and have devoted that brain cell to something more relevant) so quickly seems a bit suspicious.

My god, could this be a plot line addressing workplace dating and the consequences inside and outside the workplace? A plot with some substance that can be fully explored without the pressures of a 20 - 45 minute resolution that television demands? This could be entertaining, relevant and possible educational!

Oh, wait this is Mary Worth.

I found the background person with the glasses in panel two more interesting than the foreground characters.

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Ms. Theologian said...

You know, Toonhead, I find the pace of Mary Worth so slow at this point that I can't even follow it!