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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Comics, comics, comics

Letters have appeared in the local paper complaining about large dogs on the loose. The letters tend to be hysterical in tone and call for a breed ban (Rottweiler, Pit Bull). The large dogs do not bother me. Most owners of large dogs in my neighborhood demonstrate responsibility by keeping their dogs in the backyard or restrained in some way. They follow the leash laws. The people who need reminding of leash laws are the owners of toy breeds. Having a little dog nipping at your ankles while running is quite annoying. I need to write a letter to the editor about that.

Poor Spot. I wish I lived on Ballard Street. A people who have a facade of normality but yet unafraid to display their goofiness.

I thought of Ms. Theologian when I saw this cartoon. I'm living my dream - sitting in a cold office and recording a video about elk calls. I get the edit the video into smaller chunks once I have captured the whole thing. Elk calls are annoying. Trust me on this.

A cool part of this job is my computer is powerful enough to allow me to capture a video and do other things. I do have my own office with full walls and a window. If I had to do aspects of this job in a cube farm my co-workers would have legitimate grounds to beat me. Seriously, elk calls are fucking annoying. Yes, I have the volume turned down low. I don't have it completely off so that I can hear when the video ends.

F Minus illustrates the future. Eventually, all bar stool will be shaped that way.

TJ has other facial expressions!

Call an ambulance! We have a suicidal person on the premises!

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Ms. Theologian said...

That's too funny. I saw Dilbert this morning and thought, Right on, Scott! It's a perfect description of some workplaces!