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Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of Class

Why does the equipment decide to malfunction on the first day of class? The sound in my classroom went bad. It worked perfectly last week. Nothing changed. So why should it screw up at the beginning of some guy's prelims?

Technicians came, problem fixed for about 15 minutes then resumed. I had a back up. Speaker phone!

This was the least chaotic first day of class in my 10 years at this university. One brain fart (I had the wrong date in my head for another tech to resolve a less serious problem. I thought I needed to move a class but the tech is scheduled for one of the open slots.) and one technology snafu. Not a bad first day. [WARNING ICKY FEMALE STUFF!] The first day of my period has gone by with little discomfort. Nothing that a handful of ibuprofen could not handle. A day of all kinds of firsts. [END OF ICKY FEMALE STUFF]

This takes care of Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes. Tomorrow, Tuesday and Thursday classes with one at 8:00 am.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like our first day at my school...the power was out, and the principal didn't know I had been placed there, so I have no classroom as of now. (The district closed a bunch of schools and everyone got shuffled). Fun times!