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Monday, August 20, 2007

Universalism in the funnies

Frank looks like Jimmy Carter.

This is a rather simple explanation of Universalism. I don't think Universalists believed everyone automatically got into heaven but they did not believe in the automatic condemnation of humanity. The entrance requirements are not as strict in Universalism. God is just too loving to condemn for eternity simply because a person failed to embrace or was ignorant of a certain idea.


Boy in the Bands (Scott Wells) said...

Some Universalists did believe in automatic admission to heaven; indeed, this was the crux of the biggest intra-Universalist fight of the nineteenth century.

I've written about this at

Boy in the Bands (Scott Wells) said...

Let's try that URL again:

Toonhead said...

Thanks for the comment. I read your post (the first url worked for me). Very interesting reading.

uuMomma said...

That comic was passed around in the pews yesterday. I had similar thoughts.