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Monday, August 27, 2007

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Darn, the U.S. military's don't ask, don't tell. If gays could serve openly perhaps Sarge and Beetle can express their affection for each other in a healthy way and still keep their military career.

This is not a marriage - it is two crazy people sharing a house - an asylum for two. One is dangerously psychotic and the other just kind of loony.

They always are good stories but then people starting taking the stories seriously and then act on whatever lessons they think the stories are telling them. The whole thing becomes quite ugly.

Today, classes begin. Not so chaotic so far. At least I did not have an 8:00 am class in my classroom today. I had some time to do a few things.

I'm redesigning my website using CSS and clean and updated code. I'm moving away from FrontPage (I have FrontPage 2000. I will still use the auto-thumbnail feature unless someone can point me to something that can do that. Preferably something free. Check out any of my clip art pages to see how I use the thumbnail feature.) The site is rather large and some pages will be eliminated from the site altogether. Right now, I'm doing minimal updates on the cartoons and clip art and have put other projects on hold. I'm working on both sites at the simultaneously. I hope to have something somewhat complete enough to publish by the end of September. It will take longer to fully integrate the whole site. Talking over 1,500 cartoons and a lot of clip art here. New cartoons and clip art will go up on schedule. The Sears Catalog and Betty Crocker sections will be part of the new design.

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