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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Will King Features please hire someone to check the art continuity between the panels of Mary Worth? This will leave me nothing to gripe about but I'm willing to make the sacrifice. Is that Professor Cameron's more mellow twin brother? Can Giella draw a beard and mustache on the same face?

Yo Mama's so fat that time slows down around her!

I make similar sloshing noises when I go for a long run. The noises come from my water bottle. Sometimes I hear slapping noises but I won't tell you where those come from.


I look forward to receiving Trick or Treaters. Walter has decorated the house and I carved two cool Jack O'Lanterns. One of the Jack O'Lanterns went to church because it has a flaming chalice design carved into it. I will post pictures.

After Halloween, the flaming chalice Jack O'Lantern will become a major flaming chalice.

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