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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Details, little details...

You can order that arrangement from 1-800-flowers. Drew made the right choice in choosing Vera over Dawn, too bad he screwed up the dumping of Dawn and pissed off Vera. Perhaps, Vera should go out to dinner to deal with her anger. The Bum Boat?


I finally affixed my new vehicle registration decal on to my window. The 2008 decals have an opaque blue backing that says, "Love your state, check the date" I suppose this will serve as a reminder to Texas vehicle owners to keep their registrations up to date. Texans seem to respond to slogans. The success of the "Don't Mess with Texas" campaign has served as a model for other states in combating roadside littering. The people responsible for the "Love your state, check the date" campaign did not think things all the way through.

As stated earlier, the new stickers have an opaque blue backing. Opaque to the driver. The previous designs are semi-transparent. A driver could glance over to the corner of the window and see the numbers and be reminded of their registration due date. That is how I remembered to renew my registration. I saw a 9 and 07, a backwards 9 and 07 but I could still read it. My inspection sticker has a 12 and 7 thus reminding me that I need to have my vehicle inspected in December. The new registration sticker design has taken away that easy reminder. It also takes away the "oh damn" exclamation, when a law enforcement officer has informed you that you were pulled over for an expired registration. Now I have to look at my front window from the outside. I rarely approach my car from a direction which allows me to look at my front window.

Check out the commercial below to get a glimpse of the new backing and a comparison with the inspection sticker - the beauty queens commercial from the TxDOT website linked above has a clearer picture of the semi-transparent inspection sticker

"Put Texas in your corner", "Love your state, check the date" and pay attention to the little details in implementing your two-year bilingual media, public relations and community outreach campaign encouraging drivers to register their vehicles, especially those who might forget to register, not know how to register or not know the law.

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