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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Humor Gene

Tony Carillo is good. He has, what Scott Adams describes as the humor gene. His humor gene is highly developed. His and Mark Parisi's (Off the Mark).

I wonder what thought process leads to a clock so broken that it is right only once a day? Looking at it now, it seems like such an obvious gag. A bit of low hanging fruit. But no one else has thought of it. Or at least no one else thought to draw it or write it.

A more humor impaired type would say maybe the clock is one of those military type 24 hour clocks and therefore would only be right once a day. If you recognize yourself in the previous sentence, next time that you have a similar thought after someone shares a joke or gag with you, please keep the thought to yourself. It really sucks the life out of comedy. I've had experiences with such people (mostly in progressive circles) and they were awkward and unpleasant. Sometimes it is okay just to laugh at the joke and not think about it too much and then move on.

I wonder if the gags come easily to Carillo or does it take a bit of work? Sort of in the way that most of us are capable of running but it is harder for some than others.

I did think of a second nerdy "Yo Mama" joke. The contest is still open if someone comes up with something funnier. No, I won't share mine until the comic is posted or someone has something funnier.

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