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Friday, October 12, 2007

Loki come here

Reminds that old Bill Cosby bit where he describes himself thinking that for the first few years of his life his name was Jesus Christ and his brother's was Damnit.

Loki recognizes his name very well. He even understands what I want him to do by the tone I say his name. He could probably do some great things if both of us had some training. I think Loki is very intuitive. After the San Antonio marathon I want to see about enrolling in a training class and Loki earning a Canine Good Citizen certificate. I think it would go a long way in eradicating the fear some people have of bully breeds.

Oh come on! Finish the damn drawing before sending it to the syndicate! A corkscrew, knife, bottle opener and nail file sticking out of the Swiss Army cheese would have made the gag somewhat funny. Did drawing all the other details make Tom Wilson too tired to continue?

Maybe I misinterpreted the gag. The deli employees are just messing with people's heads. That sort of thing works better in real life than on the funny pages.

An unrelated question that will piss off a few people: Doesn't the Nobel Peace Prize usually go to people or organizations that work toward peace and justice? Al Gore and the UN Climate Change group are doing some good work but is it peace and justice work?

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