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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Community Shadow

I want Drew's swordfish t-shirt. I guess this is how the young doctor remains hip. The universe would have collapsed in on itself if Giella put this on Drew. That would be funny and we can't have intentional funny in Mary Worth.

Where is Drew calling from? Pink curtains and flowers in a bachelor's place?

Where has our title character been lately?
I've been reading, "The Issue at Hand: Essays on Buddhist Mindfulness Practice" by Gil Fronsdal.

Yesterday, this passage jumped out at me:

As soon as a group of people gathers as a community, there is a culture, and cultures always have blind spots, or "shadows." If you avoid being involved with a community because it has a shadow, no community will ever be adequate. If you relate only to the light of a community, you are doing yourself a disservice. If you relate only to the shadow, you are also doing yourself a disservice.

Fronsdal refers to a sangha but I found it relevant to UU church community. People in true community should not be afraid to display both their light and shadow.

I was reminded of the shadow aspect of the UU religion by this blog posting. It was not the first time I read such sentiments. Often we forget that our political views are as diverse as our theologies.

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