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Friday, October 19, 2007


Drew is so excited that he has to use both hands to hold the phone and cover the ear piece.
Sometimes, I get a comic type character image stuck in my head and I have to draw it. I see the process in my mind's eye - curves of the lines, the motions of the pencil and pen, the final product. In my mind the process is very fluid and the final product amazing. So, why doesn't all this vivid imagery translate when I actually draw? The difference between vision and execution is a source of frustration for me.

It's sort of like driving. I took lessons, read books, passed the test, watched others drive and visualize backing out of the driveway smoothly but I still bump the mailbox or garbage can when actually backing out (this is a metaphor - I'm a good driver - the rut in the lawn that happens to be the same width as my tires, pure coincidence - I've never hit an object, person or animal).

The gulf between vision and execution also finds its way into other parts of my life.

I suppose if I keep drawing it will click, become fluid and vision and final product will match. I've been drawing for over 2 decades. Maybe I should accept that comic book is not my style. What to do about the compulsion to keep trying to draw that way? I don't know. I need to stop thinking about this. Otherwise, I end up in a "I suck" spiral that depresses me the rest of the day.

Yes, I now see that the hips are too elongated, even for a cartoon character. Not that freakish anatomy acts as a barrier to success. The existence of Ann Coulter bears that out.

Speaking of Ann Coulter, check out Maxim's suggestions for perfecting Ann Coulter.

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uuMomma said...

...existence of Ann Coulter bears that out.... I LOVE that! funny stuff