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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wilbur Weston, Aikido Master

In the first panel Wilbur demonstrates an Aikido maneuver (maybe Kote gaeshi) to deflect Dawn's little fist to the face. Then he wipes away the tears of pain caused by her sprained wrist and failure to break her fall like Wilbur has tried to teach for all these years.

Gah! No wonder the toilet stops up on a regular basis. With the girth of most Pluggers I find it surprising that plates need scraping. Besides a real Plugger just has the dog take care of the food residue. Other options include the garbage can or compost pile. Thank you, Paula Crites of Bakersfield, Missouri for letting your neighbors know who has been wreaking havoc with the local septic system and exposing the rest of the civilized world to bizarre Missouri customs. GAH! Using the toilet as a garbage disposal!

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jfield said...

I think that is the middle step of nikkyo. She has no idea that he is about to grab her elbow, turn a way and throw her to the ground.