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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Exercise Log

This week I ran, walked and biked 31.03 miles, burned 3367.4 calories and weigh 176.7 pounds.

Monday: ran 3.05 miles in 35:00
Tuesday: biked 2.56 miles in 15:00
Wednesday: ran 7.22 miles in 1:23:36
Thursday: biked 2.38 miles in 15:00
Sunday: ran/ walked 15.82 miles in 3:47:09 - the heat really got to me.

Next week's training plan
Monday: rest
Tuesday: bike and weight training
Wednesday: 10 miles @ 12:23
Thursday: bike and weight training
Friday: walk
Saturday: 9 miles @ 12:23
Sunday: rest

1 comment:

jfield said...

I would have thought you'd have more bike mileage. Even most of the run training things I'm reading seem to have lots of extra mileage on the bike to reduce impact.