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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Variations on a Gag

Bonus avatar courtesy of Rex Morgan MD:

Variations on a gag:

Sometimes, I feel like Dilbert in the last panel after going through yet another anti-racism/ anti-oppression/ embrace diversity workshop or presentation.

In the United States, the dentists wear masks to protect the patient. I would think that the set up in the last panel would make access to the teeth more difficult.

Who hasn't dreamt of this happening?

You might be a tad obsessed with Mary Worth if you find yourself attempting to imitate the poses as drawn. The hand pose in the second panel is doable but a tad painful. No, I can't draw hands any better. I know alumni from the University of Texas (t.u. for us Aggies) and other schools with that shade of orange as a school color would love to know where Dr. Drew purchases his lab coats. The matching pants can be found easily.


Robin Edgar said...

Here`s another variation on a gag for U*Us -

I am very confident that Rev. Diane Rollert`s cynical attempt to gag me is going to blow up in her face*. . .

*purely figurative language of course ;-)

Robin Edgar said...

Oops! Must have messed up the HTML a bit.

Here`s the missing link.

Robin Edgar said...

Trying again. . .