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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

You Cannot Escape the Mary Worth!

Whoa Nelly, Drew! Mary Worth has pulled out all the stops! The index finger of doom, the crossed arms and the withering stare break down Drew's defenses. He is dizzy and reduced to thought balloon asides. Mary's powers even messed up Drew's hair and made the room turn (wait the room always turns)! Drew you must tell Dawn you are dumping her now! Mary will not leave you alone until you bend to her will. She will stalk you in your dreams, lean over your bedside as you attempt to sleep and fly halfway around the world just to meddle in your life. You cannot escape the Mary Worth! Ask your father, he will verify Mary's unrelenting nature.

Nice dig at your own comic strip. Single and Looking just changed its name from Out of the Gene Pool. I like the old name better. It is a good comic strip that should replace any one of the zombie strips that have invaded the paper. It would be a great replacement for Cathy. Single and Looking has relevance that Cathy lost sometime during the second Reagan term.

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