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Monday, September 24, 2007

Random Thoughts

I have reach $175 of my $500 fundraising goal for Crop Walk (If you wish to contribute: Make an online donation for Crop Walk ).

The Jane Long Middle School band has decided to take a direct approach to fundraising. Instead of selling overpriced crap door to door, the kids now go door to door and just ask for money. I think it was some kind of practice-a-thon based on the sheet I filled in after giving the kid $10.00. The kid did not give any details, just said he was raising money for the band. The boy came to the right house, two former band geeks. The boy said he played the clarinet and both of us also played the clarinet. The goal on the fundraising sheet was $50.00. After our house he had $35.

I prefer this direct approach. All the money goes to the activity, the kids don't have to sit through some pitch by the fundraising company salesman, no one has to deliver the crap, and I don't have to choose which crap could have the most possible bit of use to me in order to support an activity.

In a slight fit of insanity, I registered for a 50K race ( This occurs on October 13. I had a 20 mile training run scheduled that day anyway so I thought I would do this for may training run since it would be in a non-vehicle traffic area with aid stations. Yes, it is 11 miles more than the planned training run but I'll give this a try. I managed to run 35K on these trails in a previous race. This will be my second trail run and I have a better idea of how to run on these trails.

The Bryan/ College Station Crop Walk is on October 14. I will be running this race on Saturday and walking on Sunday. Yes, I will be walking, perhaps a bit slowly but I will walk. I am insane. I will rest on that Monday.

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