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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Beloved Community

I had a great day today. Ate breakfast with Walter. He traveled to Temple to see his dad. I went to church. While traveling to church an incident from the night apparently had been percolating in my subconscious and had worked its way up to the forefront of my mind. I guess I finally put together the full implications of the incident.

I was angry about it. I tried hard to ignore it during the sermon, which was titled, "Forgiveness - Face to Face". Great time to be angry at someone. I really needed to talk to someone other than Walter about this and think about my course of action. Fortunately, SM was available and she helped me realize that I was not insane and that my anger may be justified. I ended up joining her, her family and another couple for lunch. We shared food, laughter, funny stories and possibly scarred SM's 8 year old daughter for life with some of the tales. I really needed this and am grateful for these people. I was able to meditate in greater peace - the incident still occupied some of my thoughts but the anger was gone.

Walter came home. His dad bought dinner and told him to spend more time with his wife. I talked about the thing that upset me and shared a potential course of action. After talking about things I was able to let the incident go. I won't take any action unless it is done again in my presence. Both of us agreed that the conversation as part of the incident may have sent the right message to the person who offended. I would not have taken action without talking to Walter first anyway.

After dinner, we came home and enjoyed the cool air outside. We saw a fireball streak across the sky, listened to some drummers, listened to the radio, watch Loki stalk imaginary prey, looked at the sky and just enjoyed each other's company.

Turned out to be a great Sunday. Even with the blackened mood.

We do plan on having SM and family at our house for dinner some time.

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