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Monday, September 17, 2007

Crop Walk

Loki says, "Sponsor me as a Crop Walker, please."Loki wants you to sponsor him for Crop WalkI will be participating in Crop Walk in College Station, Texas on October 14. I have set up a web page to take donations for sponsorship. Walter, myself and Loki will be raising funds as an individual. You can sponsor 8 legs for the price of 2.

Make an online donation for Crop Walk

The Unitarian Universalist Church of the Brazos Valley has been challenged by Friends Congregational Church in College Station to see which congregation can raise the most funds per capita. The respective ministers will have to preach or perform a service at the winning church.

I set a goal of $500. That's $62.50 per leg.

The UU Church has not participated in the past few years so the local Crop Walk organizers were thrilled to see us again at the first meeting. I would like to have my church have a big comeback.

Now I find out just how many readers I have for this blog.

Help the UU Church of the Brazos Valley kick some Friends CC butt (in a kind, gentle, respectful way, of course), help the Church World Service with their programs to provide sustainable self-help and development, disaster relief and refugee assistance in some 80 countries, keep my minister from having to preach an early service at another church, and give because it feels good.

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