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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ben Franklin can go to hell

I'm trying to work out the trajectory of that slap. Maybe Dawn did a Captain Kirk karate chop on the back of Drew's head. Will Vera counter with a roundhouse kick?

So far this week, my attempts to wake up earlier have failed. I set my alarm for 5:00 am to go on a run on Saturday and have kept that setting. I can muster the strength to get out of bed to meet people to go on a run at 6:00 am but have difficulty doing the same thing to go to work. Getting up early for a run is different than getting up early to get to work on time because after the run there is time for a nap.

All the things I've read about wealthy (self-made millionaires) people say that the successful get up early in the morning. I guess I will give up some measure of success because I've tried and cannot sustain waking up before the butt crack of dawn without having to take a nap around 11:00 am.

Once I've acquired the great wealth from waking up early in the morning then I can take a nap because as a successful person I can set my own hours. In the meantime, I can enjoy the journey in a sleep deprived state. I'll skip it.

I really need to completely cut myself off from a strange little subculture that I've found myself sort of sucked into. I haven't drunk the Kool-Aid but sometimes I feel myself worn down by the copy. Fortunately, I'm not there in person so the rational mind can kick back in and I can hit delete. I think studying this little "teach you success, make you wealthy" sub-culture would be fascinating but a proper study would require getting further inside and I don't think an academic or journalist would be given access without paying the $1,000 (price will go up in two weeks). I'm not in any kind of program (academic or journalistic) that it would make sense to delve into this. My own curiosity and blog are not sufficient reasons.

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