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Monday, September 03, 2007

Which came first?

I'm sure people in that line of work refer to themselves as cheese slicers. Machines probably do that kind of thing but someone has to run the cheese slicing machine. I bet the person who runs the machine has heard every cheese cutting joke there is. After 38 years on this planet I still giggle at "cut the cheese" jokes so maybe the cheese slicing machine operator really enjoys his/her job and loves to tell people that he/she cuts the cheese for a living. I would.

On the topic of UU classism and humor - would the hypothetical cheese slicing machine operator feel welcome in our churches and would we laugh at the cheese cutting jokes?

Great parody of Family Circus and playing with a semi-regular character.

The Egg McMuffin. I'm old enough to remember a world without the Chicken McNugget. I was in high school when the McNugget was introduced. I also worked at a McDonald's and know what a Chicken McNugget would turn into once it has passed its freshness time. It would turn into a briquette (a McBriquettte) when thrown with some velocity would leave a nasty bruise. It was unnatural the way the McNuggets would be fine at 19 minutes, 59 seconds but then suddenly turn into these little bricks at exactly 20 minutes. I ate and still eat McDonald's food but the short shelf life (7 minutes for a burger to 1 hour for a pie) of the food really bothered me during the time I worked at McD's.

Now that's some green living I can get behind.

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