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Monday, September 10, 2007


My browser is screwed up so I cannot download any comics. Right click does not function at all and several buttons on my toolbar are missing. It looks like I have some hybrid of IE6 and IE7. I cannot find out for sure because that option is missing. Until Friday, I had IE7 and it worked fine.

Attempts to download IE7 fail as well as attempts to download FireFox. I've sent a note to the IT guys and hope to have some help soon. I can limp along with the Frankenstein browser. I have most of my bookmarks memorized.

The first draft of the infinite project is complete and in the mail. Now, it's a matter of hanging the posters, brace for the bitchin', ahem, take feedback and produce another iteration in January. I might need to remind people of my limited Photoshop skills.

I was part of a productive meeting on Sunday. I was glad to help the Board President prepare the agenda for the upcoming board meeting. She lured me with ice cream. This process will make the meeting shorter, more focused and productive.

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