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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Agnostic Hymns

Agnostics do sing hymns. They may have some doubt about the truth of the lyrics but they do sing anyway. Agnostic hymns would be funny, for example, "Nearer my God to Thee, Maybe" I'm sure others can come up with something funnier. Feel free to share in the comments.

First, it was Vera's idea to go riding in Clifton, second you don't own the stables, third watch where you point that finger, fourth take off that helmet and finally get a car in which the door does not close automatically between panels.

I really wonder about Giella's technique. Does he draw the panels on separate sheets of paper and then the syndicate puts them together? If he's drawing the panels side by side he really needs to get something checked - eye sight, perception, ability to move neck or eyes to the left. The steps are basic:

  1. Draw panel one with car door open
  2. Draw second panel but before drawing car
  3. Glance slightly to the left and note the open car door in the first panel
  4. Draw car in second panel with an open door

It just occurred to me, maybe Giella draws the right panel first. That would explain some of the continuity errors but then he just has to do the same steps as above except glancing to the right and carrying that information to the left panel.

Giella does draw better than me but even with my limited skills I make the effort to keep some continuity between my panels on the rare occasion that I draw multiple panel comics. I don't think Giella tries anymore.

Common Plugger premise: Pluggers are old (somewhere between 60 and 70). Okay, but this Plugger is extraordinarily old. At least 85 years old, assuming that the hairstyle that she has had since 1941 is an adult hairstyle. She is one hot geriatric mama. She looks good for over 80.

Do Pluggers age in human years or in the years of their respective species?

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