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Friday, September 07, 2007

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I attempted to replicate Dawn's hand in the first panel. I dropped my phone. I couldn't balance it on my thumb. The man wearing the blue shirt in the second panel looks away hoping to find something more interesting. Alas, for the poor fellow all that's over there is Gil Thorp. Any bets on how long this break up will take?

I took the day off yesterday to wait for a repair man. He actually appeared when he said he would and had the parts he needed in his truck. Now I can dry clothes in the dryer instead of hanging them. I know using a clothesline is a greener way to live but I don't enjoy drying myself off with sandpaper and wearing cardboard.

I used the day to draw some extra cartoons and work on the new web design. It will probably officially launch in January 2008. I hope to have it complete by then. I had no idea just how big this thing has become. I may post the thing at the end of the month depending on how far I get in adding content. I've been building the pages then going back and adding the content so if I launch early there will be quite a few pages that do not have content. A lot of it is copying and pasting but I can make pages very quickly. I've found that my web updates with the new design will take the same amount of time as the current use of FrontPage.

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