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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fleas and Parking

Aurora is in a new foster home. We are battling fleas here so we will not be fostering until things clear up. The flea situation has improved but according to a vet, the fleas this year are Frontline resistant. It will be easier to get the situation cleared with only one dog. We thought about using a fogger but we have birds and would have to leave the house for several hours with two birds in tow so we opted for a carpet powder. I think Loki enjoys having the house and his people to himself.

I helped with football parking at our church. The church is located within walking distance of Kyle Field so football season is a great source of revenue for us and some nice exposure for the church. I try to be extra nice and friendly. That attitude is a hold over from my days as an evangelical Christian. One should always behave kindly because you could be the only Christian that someone meets. I was not wearing anything identifying me as part of the church or standing on the end of the driveway that has our church sign (Only those who actually parked would have guessed that I was part of the church.) but I still felt compelled to smile, wave and say "Howdy" to everyone that passed by. I could be the only UU some of these folks ever meet.

The other two people working parking did a great job of maximizing space and collecting money. I just held the sign. We have a bit of an informal contest at church to see which team (thanks to the efficient recruiting efforts of our parking czar everyone usually has to work only one game per season) could get the most number of cars in our parking lot on game day. Today we got 43 in our lot and 14 in the lot next to ours (we share the revenues with the tenants or realtor (depending on occupancy) of the house next door) for a total of 57 cars plus a motorcycle. Last year the record was 47 cars in our lot.

Parking was $15, the smile, wave and howdy were free.

This was the first game (non-conference against Montana State). The parking lot filled a lot sooner than last year. The game started at 6:00pm, four cars were in the lot by noon, the lot was full by 4:00pm. I got a nice sunburn on the back of my neck. Yes, now I'm a redneck.

Walter's father will be leaving the hospital soon and will be back in his own apartment. Walter spent most of the day cleaning his father's apartment.

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