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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Updates, finally

I used an alternate method for updating my website.
Vera, you call those jazz hands! My arthritic mother can do more enthusiastic jazz hands.

Mary's unseen thought balloon in panel one: And why did you choose to perform Tai Chi right now?

Vera does a Kung Fu bow in the second panel after she knocked Mary down. How else could Vera end up in the position she has in the second panel? Damn, you Giella for refusing to draw the exciting Kung Fu action.

Drew should consider writing Vera a check for a large amount of money. It worked for Von.

The final cartoon from the contest. No winners, I thought of this myself. The Pak'Ma'Ra' is a species from Babylon 5 that dined on carrion. If you laughed without the explanation then you are a geek. This cartoon is in the archives. For the past three days I continued to update the site even though I could not upload the changes. Optimistic or insane? I don't know.

Lesson learned: don't solicit gags from blog readers, especially when your blog as about 8 readers. The solicitation does free my mind for thinking of gags on my own.

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