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Monday, October 08, 2007


My running friends do not understand why I don't run in the early mornings. There are plenty of good reasons to do so but none of them sufficiently compelling enough for me to wake up so early. I will get up early if only there is a prospect of a nap soon afterwards. Otherwise, I'm just like Susan for the rest of the day.

Wilbur is climbing further and further up the creep-o-meter. Right now, he's at a 7.

It only takes four large muscles to bitch slap the cheerfulness out of a morning person. Working large muscle groups burns more calories.
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Ms. Theologian said...

I can't exercise too early either. The air quality is better, but it feels like I just drag afterward.

birthingjourney said...

I did train in the morning in the summer to avoid the heat. Now it's too cold! But the only time I really can train...arrgh.

Toonhead said...

I have trained once or twice in the early morning during the week when the mileage was too much for a treadmill. I did this to avoid the heat but I did drag the rest of the day. Tonight we are supposed to get down to 60 degrees. I hope it is cool for my race this Saturday.