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Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm stronger

Crop Walk was very successful. The UU Church of the Brazos Valley raised over $2,000. Don't know if we won the challenge from Friends Congregational. They raised a bit more money but the challenge was a per capita challenge so as a smaller congregation we might have won on that basis. It is still up in the air.

The CROP Walk coordinators welcomed us back and recognized some new organizations.

Loki did well. He got a bit excited upon seeing another dog and nearly knocked down some people with his leash at the beginning. He calmed down after the first mile. About halfway he found a nice puddle and decided to lay in it for a while. He made it through, got some attention, ice cream and water.

As for the Saturday 50K. I did not finish. I ran about 20 miles.

I missed a turning point and ran over 4 miles of trail twice. I was timed at 5 hours and 21 minutes when I made it to the finish line.

I was quite frustrated with my slow pace and by mile 14 decided to cut it short. At a lot of places on the trail I felt I was running faster than my timing indicated. It was 4 hours and I was not halfway done. I did not want to be out there after 3:00 pm. I called my husband to let him know that I would be at the finish in about 45 minutes, assuming I could complete the last mile and a half in that time. Then missing a turn really added to the frustration. He called when I was not at the finish line and I told him that I thought I missed a turn and I was doing a part of the trail again but I knew where that trail would lead eventually. He kept calling to try to help the race people figure out where I was. They did figure it out and I found a point on the trail where I was able to get off and get to a location where I could be picked up. A truck picked me up and I rode about .75 miles. The driver of the truck allowed me to get out and I ran to the finish line. I'm not sure how my results will get recorded.

I wasn't the only who missed the turn. Some of the others doubled back but I didn't. The race director thinks a sign might have been knocked down while doing an extraction the night before.

At least I ran my 20 mile long run for training for the San Antonio Marathon. I can taper with a clear conscience.

I think my less that satisfactory performance was because I was not preparing for this race but just using this race to prepare for another one. I have run these trails faster and in more brutal temperatures.

I realized that I don't enjoy trail running as much as road racing. The tripping, isolation and wrong turn did not enhance my trail running experience. It will be a long time before I attempt a 50K on a trail. I really prefer road racing.

Saturday night enjoyed a nice margarita. My feet hurt but I did not care.

I'm at home resting. My calves are sore.

It did not kill me therefore I must be stronger.

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birthingjourney said...

Way to go!!! That sounds like a really challenging run but you did it even if you went all about and round about. You will do fine on the marathon. Enjoy the taper time!!!