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Thursday, March 27, 2008

3 and a half weeks

The Steve, the Pitbull storyline lasted 3 and a half weeks? I hardly noticed the passage of time because the story was engaging, funny and helped raise awareness about the negative but false stereotypes about Pitbulls. Karen Moy might learn a few lessons here.

The young Mary flashback storyline has lasted 3 and a half weeks or at least it seems that way. The lamest religious experience ever. The experience fits the pattern that Mary set for the rest of her life.

It's my fault for expecting more. Comes from reading too many comic books and biographies.

Coming back from the flashback and finding Toby Cameron almost slashing her wrist would provide a satisfactory ending to this story.

Does Karen Moy get paid with money for writing this or does King Features just sends her a favorite item for each comic strip? I suspect Joe Giella finds a case of beer on his porch every week.

I would be willing to write Mary Worth in exchange for light housekeeping services. Think about it, King Features. I write trite dialogue and weave slow moving plots that go nowhere (but only slightly better - I will attribute Mary's quotes to actual people rather than generic wise men) and the syndicate sends someone to my house once a week to dust, sweep and vacuum.

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Anonymous said...

I'd take beer. So long as it was from my favorite MI brewery :)