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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Living the dream

Wally and I have the same dream.

My job title is changing to better reflect what I do and will do. The HR people in my office will offer suggestions to the agency HR office. A lot of the candidates have "communications" in it. The agency HR will do whatever they want with those suggestions. I don't have the programming skills to qualify for "Software Simian" but I could squeak by with "Code Monkey". The agency has a career ladder for its people to climb. A prehensile tail would facilitate the climb. I will probably end up with Senior Office Associate (because we don't want you to start climbing a new ladder that more accurately reflects your skills and duties). I have no reason to be so pessimistic. The actions and suggestions taken so far lead me to believe that I will have the opportunity to climb a different ladder. Regardless of the title, I'm excited about the new duties and responsibilities. Unlike Wally, I will have to do more work and show real value.

Mary is also proud of taking part in the washing of Pilate's hands, standing around St. Petersburg when it was time for a change, and riding a tank while holding a general's rank. Have some sympathy, courtesy and taste.

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