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Friday, March 28, 2008

Something Shifted

Something inside me shifted too. I dealt with it in the bathroom. Could the man in the second panel look any creepier?

I should be a bit more fair to Mary Worth. I experienced an inner shift as a teenager. To someone looking from the outside it would have appeared very mundane. The experience was profound enough for me to remember the date - May 17, 1986 but it would not make a very interesting set of two panel comic strips. I certainly would not pull someone aside from a pool party and bore them for 3 and a half weeks. It would take me 5 minutes.

A small life lesson: what you believe is a profound spiritual experience bores the hell out of people when you go on and on about it. I'm talking to you, white people people who are raising children. It may be a spiritual journey to you but to me it sounds like a lot of drudgery.

Back to Mary Worth. The seemingly simple act of saying grace and showing hospitality had a huge inner effect on Mary because of her circumstances. Again, something hard to convey in a comic strip especially one written in such a ham-handed manner. Comic strips are a limited medium when depicting the inner struggles of the soul and considering that Mary Worth does not have much of a soul the only logical conclusion to this storyline is a somewhat vaguely religious experience (to coin a word - religiousy). Mary Worth is what it is and to expect anything else leads to suffering. Mundane is Mary Worth's essence.


Robin Edgar said...

These days, when you think that you have coined a word, a Google search on that word usually finds that others coined it earlier. ;-)

Toonhead said...

As said in Esclesiastes - nothing new under the sun. Or to put it in Mary Worth language - I once read in an old book that there is nothing new under the sun.