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Monday, March 10, 2008

Role Model

I've decided to use Hillary Clinton as my role model in changing careers. Using her as an example, I can have that career in commercial truck driving that I've always dreamed about. If I successfully graduate from the training program, I have 9 years of experience in commercial truck driving already, thanks to my husband. Through my husband, I know the rigors of commercial truck driving. I even rode with him once. So once I get that license I'm fully qualified to drive an 18-wheeler with haz-mat certification and everything. Forget the training program, I should go down to the DPS office and demand they give me a commercial license based upon my experience as the spouse of a commercial truck driver.

I'm a generous woman, if my husband wants to change his career to what I do he is welcome to claim 13 years of desktop publishing experience, 13 years of drawing experience, 6 years of web design experience and 10 years of office software experience. He's been in the room when I've done some of that work. I've talked to him about the process. Bounced a few ideas off of him. He's qualified.

Thank you Hillary Clinton for creating new possibilities and redefining experience! Thousands of men and women can rewrite their resumes based upon your model. Wives of plumbers have x years of experience in plumbing, husbands of welders now have x years of experience in welding and spouses of neurosurgeons can now add that skill to their resume. Why stop at spouses? Why not include the skills and experience of parents, siblings, roommates, life partners, co-workers, close friends and children? Thanks to you, Hillary, this country will never lack for skilled labor.

Disclaimer: my husband gave up the commercial license about 6 years ago. He does sales and management now. If you need some hazardous materials hauled don't call him.

Further disclaimer: I have no interest in becoming a commercial truck driver.

Another disclaimer: Yes, Hillary Clinton has experience as a Senator. That experience counts but to claim her experience as First Lady (state and national) as a qualification for President seems rather fishy. It would not be accepted for any other job.

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SuperKK said...

Totally agree. And you say it well.