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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Comics and dog photos

iPot? Apple really has expanded its product line.

The advertsing on the TV cracked me up. I wonder what makes this production of "The Lottery" appropriate for the Comedy Time Channel? The irony in "The Lottery" or the presence of Patrick Duffy and Morgan Fairchild? I imagine this production with a cheesy 1980's vibe and chuckle. I don't think the people in Dinette Set would get it.

As others have pointed out Dr. Drew put his affairs in order and left for Vietnam faster than Mary has in telling her story. Five days spent telling Toby that she is going to tell her a story about her past.

A couple of cell phone photos of Angus, the Pit Bull:

I just love his pinkish nose. How could anyone not talk silly to that face?

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