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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Cathy circle of Hell

Irving, do yourself a favor; kill Cathy before she crushes your soul. If I sat on the jury at your murder trial, I would not find you guilty. What actions caused Irving's consignment to the Cathy circle of hell?

I use Cathy as an illustration as to why the invisible hand of the market does not always work. If it did, Cathy would have gone away by now.

Mary's sense of self-worth was tied to the contents of a cupboard? That explains so much. The cupboard and Mary's platitudes: well constructed and nice looking but empty inside. Describes Mary herself.

Nice work indeed. Laziness is green.

How weird, all the comics that I chose to comment on today have women's names as the title. All three are written by women, two drawn by women.

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