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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

They say dogs can smell fear...

...which leads me to believe a lot of people must have fear coming out of their butts. Quote from Mark at the Shoebox Blog. It made me laugh out loud.

Counselor Troi is either on Riker's right off panel or getting a box of Junior Mints from concessions. [Warning: Major ST:NG geekery on display] They visited this movie theater during the third season as evidenced by the uniforms, Dr. Crusher's hair style, and Worf's ridges and hairstyle. They also carried the Type One phasers into the theater. I wonder how the vibrate setting works on a phaser? Does the phaser vibrate or the person receiving the blast? Picard uses his captain's prerogative to use both arm rests. Data cannot feel irritation but Geordi seems a bit annoyed.

Slither a UU, perhaps?

Garfield minus Garfield is a funny blog featuring Garfield comic strips with Garfield and his dialogue removed. The removal of Garfield sometimes makes a funnier strip or a sadder one. For this particular strip Garfield's thought balloons should remain.

Mary Worth and Me recaps the simple actions and small words that led to this couple getting together. Summary: Mary Worth is a home wrecker. Mary Worth is a Dark Lord of the Sith and has chosen Toby as her apprentice.

Nice to see the pool make a brief appearance at the pool party. The toy bunny has more life and soul in it than the people and it scares me.

Zippy, you are in none of those strips. Your surroundings are too well drawn.

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Robin Edgar said...

Well, based on the written testimony of about 16 members of the Unitarian Church of Montreal that was presented against me in court on Monday February 25th, Montreal Unitarians have fear coming out their U*Us. . . ;-) I dare say that paranoia would be an appropriate word to describe the far from rational fear expressed by these U*Us and Rev. Diane Rollert.