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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Texas Two Step

Got home from the caucus after 9:30 tonight. Usually these things take no more than 15 minutes but the turn out overwhelmed the precinct chairs. Sign in took nearly an hour. Fortunately, the Obama campaign had prepared its precinct captains, otherwise several people would have been disenfranchised simply because the chairs did not fully understand the rules and procedures. I don't fully understand the caucus thing either but I understand it better than the chair.

I volunteered to be a delegate to the county convention for Obama.

As far as the caucus is concerned, Obama captured the most delegates in the precinct I live in. 10 for Obama, 6 for Clinton for the county convention. Two other precincts were caucusing in the same location; their delegates were split evenly between the candidates. The turnout for the primaries was 10 Democrats for 1 Republican. An important local election was being decided in the Republican primary much to the dismay of a lot of people.

Won't know the results for Texas until morning. All in all, this caucus experience was better than the 1988 experience, even if it had been a bit disorganized. Maybe the local Democratic party can borrow training materials from the Obama campaign.

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