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Thursday, March 06, 2008

I want to find Ballard Street

A humorous example of spiritual community outside of traditional church. I'm not so interested in finding nirvana, heaven, utopia or Sesame Street. I want to go to Ballard Street.

Next week, I will temp foster a Pit Bull named Angus; a watermelon loving Pit Bull. Angus will come over tonight. Read another example of a dog's ability to still love despite tremendous suffering.

Babies grow quickly but damn, growing several inches during a pool party defies biology. Mary, you need to refill your gloat with a bit more smug. Mary once heard that the road to uh, happiness is paved with good intentions.

Perhaps, George W. Bush was prophetic when he spoke against human - animal hybrids during a state of the union speech a couple of years ago. God showed him this cartoon.

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TeacherPatti said...

Blessings from a fellow UU for taking in Angus.
My students are all scared of dogs (living in the inner city will do that,since so many are guard dogs and bark at you) and just today I was hopping around and ranting about how good and loving most dogs are and how we should never EVER mistreat them. I don't get worked up about much when I am teaching, but I'll get hopped up about that, and it entertains the crap out of them :)