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Monday, March 31, 2008

What seems unimportant today

What seems unimportant today may take on greater meaning tomorrow. Retch.

I hope Toby is not going to bore us for 3 weeks with her tale of woe. Oh man, this could turn into a version of the Canterbury Tales. We had Mary's Tale, then we have Toby's Tale, the Ian Cameron and so on. In a few hundred years the whole thing will be inflicted upon high school students in advanced English classes.

I chose the Pardoner's Tale when my English class studied the Canterbury Tales. The Pardoner was a hypocrite and the tale was not as ribald as some of the others - that's all I remember. Kids, if you are assigned one of the tales from the Canterbury Tales choose either the Miller's Tale, the Knight's Tale or the Wife of Bath's Tale.

The archaic English can be a difficult read but not at painful as this Mary Worth flashback.

Speaking of unimportant things, I had a very busy weekend.

Left work early on Friday to meet relatives at the George Bush Library and Museum. Saw Barbara Bush and petted Sadie, the current Bush dog. I chased down Barbara and her entourage to return a credit card that fell out of some one's pocket. Someone who is able to hang out with Barbara Bush should have a sizable limit on their Visa Card. Alas, my first instinct was to return the card only after the return did the other possibilities come to mind. Those thoughts were a joke. The only thought that occurred in the moment was to return the card.

My parents did something right. I did not go to church as a child. Maybe honesty is the default setting for most people and those settings get tweaked or subverted based on situations, environment and upbringing.

Saturday participated in the Democratic Convention for Brazos County. Was elected an alternate delegate to the state convention. Most of the 5-1/2 hours spent at the convention was talking to neighbors and others. The credentials committee took a 5 hours to certify everyone. The actual electing of delegates to the state convention took some precincts as little as 10 minutes. My precinct took only 10 minutes then most of us left. Very few had the endurance to deal with the resolutions. I had a dinner party at my house that I needed to get to.

I made it home in time. Walter and I hosted one of our church's canvas potlucks. The conversation about church and what it means to people were very good. The others brought good food.

Sunday enjoyed a great service by the children. A rare "inter generational" service that did not just have to sit through with a plastic smile. It was one of the better non-minister led worship services. Even better than what some adults have done. Too bad "inter generational" has become a bit of a code word for service to sit through with gritted teeth. People who chose to stay home because of that word missed a quality worship service.

Then it was off to visit with relatives some more. I was too busy and too tired to update my cartoons. Sorry. I was too busy and tired to keep up with all kinds of things this weekend. I'm glad my weekends are not regularly this busy.

It will be nice to have a normal week. New cartoon will go up tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Interestingly, I had a dream about Laura Bush the other night. I had to sit next to her at a teachers' meeting (I don't think she was ever a teacher) and she was very funny! She had all sorts of dirty jokes and I told her she'd be fun to party with and she suggested getting some beers. I had to decline though, as I had to go to teach my class. Odd, since meetings are usually after school. Maybe I just didn't want to hang out with her after all.