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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Trivial Stuff and Exercise

Presbyterian won the Mary Worth's religion poll with 4 votes. Lutheran received two votes and Rastafarian received one. I know more than one Unitarian-Universalist reads this blog so I'm a little surprised that Unitarian received no votes but then I remember the great UU tradition of claiming figures whose philosophy we like, for example Martin Luther King, Jr. I guess no UU wanted to claim Mary Worth. I voted Presbyterian.

Angus went home to his regular fosters. Now, I have a bit of cleaning to do in the backyard. Angus is a good, well-behaved, calm dog. He deserves a forever home after all the stuff he has been through.

This week I ran and biked 18.99 miles, burned 1790.6 calories and weigh 162.7 pounds.

Monday: bike 2.87 miles in 15:00
Tuesday: ran 3.16 miles in 35:25
Thursday: ran 3.16 miles in 37:52
Friday: bike 3.90 miles in 20:00
Saturday: ran 5.90 miles in 1:09:55

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