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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pronounced Hay - Soos

Jesus not only fixed Wally's vision and regrew his hair but caused that hair to move with a life of its own. I need to check out my Dilbert Widget and see what color was chosen for Wally's hair. I hope it's red.

So we won't get an actual flashback just Mary talking about her past. Giella and Moy, feel free to exploit the graphic capabilities of the comic strip medium. The comic strip not only allows you to tell but to show. This gives it the distinct advantage over the written word alone and conversations at church coffee hour.

If the visuals won't be interesting I hope the words continue to keep my interest.

This perceived marketing failure can be salvaged. Market it to migraine sufferers as an empathy tool for the non-migraine sufferers in their life.

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